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PLAYforRIGHTS is a Swiss-based non-profit organization. It aims to create an intersection between the arts and peacebuilding.

Recalling Article 6 from the Resolution 66/137 United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education from December 2011: The arts should be encouraged as a means of training and raising awareness in the field of human rights.

We envision to empower young artists and peace-workers, as well as a wider audience, to become aware of social conflicts that violate human rights.

Our desire is to explore those channels of the imagination that connect people with their own processes of artistic creativity. P4R strongly believes that a peaceful future and a just society can be created by building a human web of relationships, where people from different expertise and background go through similar experiences and yet give their own unique expression and meaning to that experience embracing diversity, co-existence and commonalities instead of differences.




Art-based approaches

  • Enable a peaceful coexistence by stimulating the artistic human potential
  • Nurture artistic/emotional linkages of empathy
  • Tap the human potential for peace through creativity
  • Enhance non-verbal artistic ways of communication
  • Stimulate the function of arts in fostering peacebuilding


Human Rights perspective

  • Encourage a network of young artists standing up for fundamental human rights
  • Stimulate cultural, social and humanitarian consciousness
  • Promote peaceful empowerment in communities around the world
  • Give voice to the voiceless


Emancipation of the youth

  • Inspire youth to develop artistic means to build peace
  • Encourage a network of peace-workers exploring artistic abilities
  • Empower youth to be active role in the international sphere


Culture of Peace

  • Contribute globally in building a culture of peace
  • Stimulate cross-cultural understanding
  • Create innovative strategies to link art and peacebuilding
  • Embrace the value of art experiences to transform conflicts
  • Enhance spaces for social healing and reconciliation





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